Semi-Open Doorways, See-Through Dividers & Flexible Doors

Replacing fixed doors with these alternatives in your working environment can result in several benefits:

  • Safety will be improved as workers are still able to look ahead through an opening
  • Productivity increases as travel time is saved versus opening a regular door
  • Reduce energy costs for heating/cooling different parts of the building
  • Protection from rain or weather (for doors open to outside)
  • Noise reduction
  • Insect and pest control

Companies that have benefited from these advantages:

Processing / Manufacturing Plants: In a location where conveyors are abundant and essential for moving product or materials, having PVC strips can keep workers safe from moving parts and also help separate goods from one another.

High Traffic Doorways: Whether it's an industrial, warehousing, technical or trades building, a strip curtain doorway can considerably help with people flow in frequently traveled areas.

Pest Control: Need light or air in your facility, but don't want the insects, birds and other pests that might come through an open door? Try our Bug Barriers or Ventilator Series Partition Curtains.

Contaminant Reduction: Food processing, storage warehouses and retail stores are typical users of air curtain doorways. The air current they generate provides a non-physical barrier between the inside and outside, regulating temperature and keeping insects, humidity and dirt outside.

Let Kingman Industries suggest cost saving solutions for your specific situation. Contact our team and let's discuss your issues.

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