Cooler Curtains & PVC Freezer Curtains for Refrigeration & Energy Savings

Vinyl strip covers and cooler curtains are in widespread use in food processing industries. Not only are these barriers effective for better maintaining lower temperatures for perishable food items thereby reducing spoilage and waste, they also cut down energy consumption saving operating expense for the business. The cost savings from these two items alone can be considerable.

Reports have shown that strip curtains can stop up to 90% of cold air from escaping a chilled room versus using a traditional door entry/exit alternative. Compressors will also not need to run as often because the cold air is remaining inside, keeping the temperature more constant.

Some of the ways that Kingman Industries has helped businesses with their energy saving and refrigeration concerns include:

Shipping Trucks: Transporting perishable frozen and chilled items requires vehicles to have their back doors open while loading and unloading. With a strip curtain solution in place, the temperature loss is greatly reduced while the driver loads and unloads the goods. Reduce your fuel consumption costs and improve your customer satisfaction at the same time!

Warehouse / Storage: For businesses that have frequent need for their receiving doors to be opened, strip curtains will reduce temperature loss between the outside and inside. A more constant working temperature greatly improves staff morale!

Dairy Aisle / Food Stores: Why not improve your store's bottom line by using an easy to close barrier to keep the temperature more constant inside your display coolers? Use our dairy curtains behind your dairy shelves or econo covers over your produce, meat, or frozen items. In the produce department, significantly reduce the trim loss generated by leaving produce in the display shelves overnight, or the labor cost and lost sales associated with moving produce back to the walk-in cooler prior to closing for the night.

Walk In Freezer: Retain the sub-zero environment inside your freezer without losing the convenience of easy access. We carry low temperature and extra low temperature strip curtain materials designed for use in temperatures as low as -60F.

Kingman Industries has nearly three decades of experience helping companies choose the best PVC strip curtain product for their energy saving and refrigeration needs. Contact our team today and use our insight to help your bottom line grow bigger.

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