Strip Curtain Installation Instructions

Wall Mount - Square Cut Strips

  1. Mount the aluminum bar to the wall using the hardware provided with your strip door kit. The bar should be level and centered over the doorway about 4" to 6" above the opening. Check the curtain length to determine where the bar should be mounted. 

  2. To form a good seal, the strips must be mounted in an alternating fashion to produce a concave-convex curvature.
  3. Starting at the left side of the aluminum bar (with the studs pointing towards you), mount the odd numbered (1st, 3rd, 5th, ...) strips on the studs with the blue dot facing away from you. For 6" or 8" wide strips, do not leave any studs uncovered. For 12" wide strips, leave one stud open between successive strips. Continue doing this until all the odd numbered strips have been mounted.

  4. Again starting at the left side of the aluminum bar, mount the even numbered strips with the blue dot facing towards you. Each strip will overlap on one stud with the two adjacent strips.
  5. Attach a washer and nut to each stud and snug down.

  6. Using a pair of scissors or utility knife, trim the strips to clear the floor by approximately 1/4". Strips should not drag on the floor.

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