Clear Vu Swing Doors

Clear Vu Doors for use in Walk-in Coolers

When safety and visibility are a top priority for your walk-in cooler or freezer, Clear Vu doors offer the ideal solution. The .08 or .125 PVC doors let you see clearly to the other side, avoiding potential accidents. The doors are tough but allow for easy passage. They wonít get caught on carried or pushed items.

Clear Vu Doors are the energy efficient solution. They reduce the workload on the compressor by allowing better temperature control adding up to a longer component life. The auto-closing feature means the doors are never in danger of being left open, and youíre never at risk of wasting energy or losing temperature.

Clear Vuís door plates are designed to reduce the wear and tear that can often be caused by hand trucks, forklifts or carts moving in and out of a well-travelled walk-in cooler or freezer. All Clear Vu Door models can have .125 ABS door plates permanently bonded to both sides.

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Clear Vu Door Benefits:

  • Extended compressor life by reducing workload
  • Take less than 1lb of pressure to open
  • Longer lasting solution than strip doors
  • Unaffected by moisture, meaning they don't stick together
  • Better at maintaining temperature
  • Retain cold air better than strip doors, improving energy efficiency
  • Custom fit with vertical door adjustment
  • Keep perishable items safer, fresher, longer

Have questions? Download our brochure, get in contact with us or request a quote to learn more about our doors. Let us get started on your custom walk-in cooler or freezer door today.

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