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Looking to replace the clunky old door leading to your restaurantís kitchen? Swing doors by Pro-Tuff are built to withstand the test of time while blending into your décor. With a variety of colours, sizes, and optional add-ons, these doors can easily be fit into your space. As your wait staff and other workers are constantly on the move, you will need to choose a door that can stand strong. Pro-Tuffís restaurant kitchen doors are made from a combination of stainless steel and advanced polymers, which can combat any heavy traffic coming through.

More than Just Looks

Pro-Tuff doors are built to match and complement your restaurantís aesthetic. With a variety of style choices, there is bound to be an option that suits your needs. Colours available include both bold and subtle, ranging from black, blue, green, and yellow. Each door is accented by mounted window panels in black frames, completing the doorís superb style and allowing for increased visibility.

The appearance of these restaurant doors adds more than just style to your room. The bullnose edges round out the door, ensuring the corners stay beautiful and workers stay safe. Composed of high impact resistance polymers and finished with a rhino texture, these doors will continue to add to your restaurantís style long after installation. Plus, the textures and materials used provide the added bonus of creating a surface which is effortless to wipe down and clean.

Built to Last

If you canít stand the heat . . . We understand that your restaurantís environment will put any door you choose to the test. Pro-tuff doors are built to withstand the high operating temperatures of your kitchen. The materials used on these doors are UV stabilised, protecting them from exposure to the high levels of humidity and moisture they will face each day. If you intend to install these doors on your patio or into the outdoors, you can rest easy knowing that it will stand its own against exposure to sunlight and shifting weather patterns.

Plan on using these doors in an environment more volatile than a kitchen? Donít worry, these swing doors are built with a corrosion resistant material and can combat chemical exposure. Pro-tuff doors can be fitted for your home, warehouse, supermarket, or anywhere else where you see the need!

Technical Specs

  • Industrial Polymer Solidur
  • Solid Panel with a Bullnose
  • 3/16 Polycarbonate Window
  • Set in Black Molding
  • Mounted with Ultra-High Urethane Frame
  • Structural Panel Gauge: 0.400Ē
  • Stainless Devices: Cam Fasteners, Shaft Bearing, Screws, Nuts, Hinges, Etc.
  • Reinforced, Full-Length Stainless Steel Spine
  • Ductile Steel Jamb Guard
  • Optional Flush Kick Plates (High Impact Stainless Steel)

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